Thursday, 20 January 2011

Magnetic Generators for sale

magnetic generator is a very powerful device. I would like to tell you it's new when in actuality the design is over 700 years old. However that doesn't make the device any less amazing. In-fact I think it makes it even more amazing how for so long this idea has existed and yet we continue to consume fossil fuels from the earth draining it of its own life energy.

I would like you to sit and ask yourself a very important question, one that is almost completely obvious. “if a device that can produce almost infinite energy exists why do I continue to keep paying for it?” It's as simple as that. The answer is actually as obvious as the question. Free sources of energy have been not hidden but belittled for generations. Think of solar energy or turbine energy and how small an amount of energy they actually produce. The truth is they are simply not being used properly. OK sounds a bit like propaganda I know but believe what you like that isn't why I'm here.

I'll tell you why I am really here. I'm really here to tell you about the amazing magnetic generator. This device was first invented in 1269 AD by a man named Peter Peregrinus. The device inputs its own energy to propel itself much like a wind turbine creating it's own wind. The form of energy has it uses however is derived from magnets. It transforms a magnetic field into the energy which it can then produce enough energy to power your home and that's just with a small generator. 

The generator is so advanced that it is expected to output up to 7000 Kilo Watts of energy. As-well as that large amount of energy it is predicted to be able to last up to 400 years. This machine is indeed able to power your home even if you own several computers the magnetic generator won't even have a little bit of trouble. Just picture what life will be like when the energy waste is only your own problem no worry of cost or pollution. It's a perfect future for humanity and for the earth don't you think?